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Oct 19

WEAC calls for Educator Protection Principles that will make a difference in our schools

A bill draft circulated by Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt outlines potential new legislation to protect teachers, but a review by WEAC experts shows it falls short of its stated goal. WEAC is not supporting the proposed legislation, and instead is offering – from the educators’ perspective – protections that would make a difference in our classroom and schools.

Jul 11

Bill promoting gun education in schools meets with resistance

A bill that would allow schools to offer on-site gun education classes is meeting with considerable resistance from educators and others who believe it would pose a safety issue in schools and take time away from other important curriculum.

Nov 17

Take the Pledge: Safe Learning Environments for Every Student

Schools should be havens. But right now, many of our students are scared, anxious, and feeling threatened. You can help address this issue by signing this pledge: “I will stand up and I will speak up for my students, so that they all have a safe and affirming learning environment. I will take action with NEA so that EVERY student feels welcome and safe at school.”