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Oct 14

NEA Today spotlights work of union leader Sequanna Taylor, an ESP and Milwaukee County supervisor

Sequanna Taylor is not only the mother of four, the parent engagement specialist at Golda Meir School, an active union leader in the Milwaukee Educational Assistants’ Association and WEAC, she is also now a Milwaukee County Supervisor! “When that seat became available, I knew I couldn’t just sit around,” she says. “My union prepared and encouraged me to seek higher office, so if the county is going to speak for our students and schools, then I am going to fight from within the system.”

Jun 27

ESP Sequanna Taylor advocates for students as a Milwaukee County Supervisor

As an Education Support Professional in Milwaukee Public Schools and an active union member, Sequanna Taylor works with and helps children every day. Now, as a Milwaukee County Supervisor she is able to take her advocacy for children to another level. “I see firsthand how community issues such as affordable housing, proper nutrition, and decent health care overflows into schools,” she says. “How can a student focus on learning when they are worried about their next meal or whether or not they have a place to stay for the night?”