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Jul 23

‘Dear first-year teachers’: Listen to great advice from these veteran educators

In this short video, veteran educators provide valuable – and inspirational – advice for first-year teachers who are about to enter the classroom, starting with “Welcome to the best profession EVER.” … “There’s so much that you’re not going to be prepared for, and that’s OK!” … “Believe in yourself and believe in the impact that you bring to your class and to your students every day.” … “Find an amazing teacher to mentor you. No one gets through this alone.” … “If you hang around positive teachers in the school building, you’re going to be a positive first-year teacher.” … And finally, they all agree, “You got this!”

Sep 06

‘We can do it!’: A back-to-school message from WEAC President Ron Martin

As we begin a new school year, educators throughout Wisconsin have “a lot to juggle,” Eau Claire teacher and WEAC President Ron Martin says in a back-to-school message. But, working together as union members, “We can do it!” he says.

Jan 05

What was your most difficult moment in teaching?

In a column in Education Week, blogger and California teacher Larry Ferlazzo asks educators to share their most difficult moments of teaching. Among those quoted is Minnesota’s 2014 Teacher of the Year Tom Rademacher, who writes about the day the mother of one of his students committed suicide. “The girl’s teachers became among the most important people in her life, but not as teachers. We were people, humans, who cared for her as a person.”

Aug 12

‘Learn from other people’s differences’

Matt Glowacki, who was born without legs, brought his inspirational message to the WEAC Summer Leadership Academy this week in Whitewater. Among his messages: “My disability exists in your mind more than it does in mine, most of the time.”

Jun 07

Harvard grad’s commencement speech lauds education, lifts spirits and goes viral

Donovan Livingston, a master’s of education graduate at Harvard University, used spoken-word poetry to express his passion for teaching and learning in this powerful commencement address at Harvard.