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Dec 14

Report says Wisconsin ranks ‘very poorly’ for Head Start program

Wisconsin is one of 18 states that rank “very poorly” for instructional support in the federal Head Start program for children in poverty, according to a report by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER). Head Start, the report says, varies dramatically from state to state in funding, classroom hours, teacher qualifications and compensation, observed quality, and enrollment.

Nov 30

Charter school growth has increased inequity in education, study finds

A new Education Policy Institute report by Rutgers University professor Bruce Baker, finds that many public school districts have lost enrollment and revenue due to charter school expansion, which has increased inequities in the educational experiences for students. “The expansion of charter schools is exacerbating inequities among children, who are increasingly segregated by economic status, race, language, and disabilities,” said Baker.

Sep 15

Study shows inequitable funding hurts student achievement in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s school finance system “actually contributes to inequity of educational opportunity,” according to a new study from the Association for Equity in Funding. “The quality of educational opportunity in Wisconsin now largely depends on where you live, and the relative affluence of your family and community,” the study concludes. “Further, the systemic problems indicated by this study require immediate solutions to address systemic issues of student poverty, truancy, and increasing inequity in school funding.”

Aug 15

Study links civic unrest to declines in student achievement

Just a few days before civic unrest erupted in Milwaukee, a study was released indicating that the unrest that occurred two years ago in Ferguson, Missouri, may have had a negative effect on student achievement in that community. “Understanding how and when civic unrest harms student learning is crucial for educators, parents, community leaders, and policymakers looking to support students in affected communities by implementing programs that support and facilitate student learning during episodes of civic unrest,” says the study highlighted by the Brookings Institution.