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Sep 27

Trump continues to set bad example for students with ‘insults instead of facts,’ NEA president says

“Educators want a leader who has the ability to bring the country together, not tear us apart,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “We need a positive role model for our students. What happens on the campaign trail—the hostile, vitriolic and hateful rhetoric our students are hearing—doesn’t stay on the campaign trail, or at the debate hall. Trump’s wholehearted disdain for the truth and fear-mongering sound bites were on full display again. Tonight, Donald Trump continued to set a bad example for our students as he continues his push to divide America through insults.”

Sep 08

NEA says Trump is ‘clueless about what works’ for students, public education

“Donald Trump isn’t serious about doing what’s best for our students, and he’s clueless about what works,” NEA President Lily Eskelsen García said after Donald Trump discussed his vision for education at a for-profit charter school in Cleveland. “His silver bullet approach does nothing to help the most-vulnerable students and ignores glaring opportunity gaps while taking away money from public schools to fill private-sector coffers. No matter what you call it, vouchers take dollars away from our public schools to fund private schools at taxpayers’ expense with little to no regard for our students.”

Jul 29

NEA’s Becky Pringle: Clinton nomination historic, powerful and emotional

Hillary Clinton’s cracking of the glass ceiling for women at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is amazing, National Education Association Vice President Becky Pringle said in an interview with Workers Independent News. “It was powerful. It was encouraging,” she said.

Jul 24

NEA, VEA applaud Clinton’s pick of Tim Kaine as Vice President candidate

Hillary Clinton’s pick of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate “signals her commitment to unite, not divide, Americans,” National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen García said this weekend. Virginia Education Association President Meg Gruber also praised the selection of Kaine, saying he “has made clear through his words and deeds that he is committed to offering opportunity to the children attending our public schools.”

Jul 06

Hillary Clinton tells educators: ‘I’m with you’

Hillary Clinton addressed the more than 7,500 delegates at the National Education Association’s 95th Representative Assembly Tuesday, saying that if she is elected president, “educators will have a partner in the White House – and you’ll always have a seat at the table.”

Jun 08

Students and educators ‘have a champion in Hillary Clinton,’ says NEA President

Hillary Clinton, who clinched the Democratic nomination for president this week, becoming the first woman in a major party to do so, “is a proven leader who has dedicated her whole life to tearing down barriers for Americans,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “She, more than anyone in this race for president, fundamentally believes a child’s chance of success should not depend on living in the right ZIP code.”