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Nov 07

So-called study on teacher absenteeism another attempt to bash educators

A far-right funded report attacking teachers for paid sick days was aimed at discrediting teachers and unions rather than providing an unbiased analysis of the data, an academic review has determined. The review of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute report by the National Education Policy Center says the report provides very little evidence for its findings and ignores large bodies of contradictory research. The NEPC also points out important flaws in the Fordham report’s assertion that teacher absenteeism is costly to taxpayers and contributes to low student achievement.

Oct 11

Review exposes faults in Walton family study calling for more private charters

A new analysis strikes down a Walton Family Foundation report that supports expanded public funding of private charter schools. The National Education Policy Center says the Walton study is flawed and based on biased data. In fact, privately run charter schools in most cases fall behind public schools when it comes to student performance despite the fact that public schools are open to students of all backgrounds.

Sep 08

Movement toward alternative teacher education programs may harm teacher quality and student learning, researcher says

Independent teacher education programs should not be implemented or financially supported by state or federal policymakers unless substantive credible evidence demonstrates that they are effective, according to the conclusion of new research from the National Education Policy Center. The research brief says there is currently no credible evidence supporting claims that independent, alternate routes to teacher education are succeeding, In fact, it states, the current shift away from preparing teachers with deep professional knowledge may negatively impact teacher quality and student learning.

Jun 21

Yes, it’s true: Class size matters

There is a “clear and positive consensus by an overwhelming majority of peer-reviewed papers that smaller classes are beneficial,” according to an analysis released Tuesday by the Great Lakes Center for Education Policy and Research. The brief concludes that smaller class sizes clearly improve student outcomes, especially for low-income and minority children.

Jun 07

Study confirms that teaching experience increases teacher effectiveness

A new analysis of research by the Learning Policy Institute verifies what many educators have long known: teaching experience is associated with student achievement gains. Based on a review of 30 studies published within the last 15 years, the authors find that as teachers gain experience throughout their careers, their students’ achievement gains increase. Although the steepest gains in effectiveness are in the first few years of teaching, this improvement continues in the second and often third decade of their careers, especially when they work in collegial work environments.