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Jun 21

Cullen, Schultz declare a bipartisan war on gerrymandering

Former Wisconsin State Senators Tim Cullen, a Democrat, and Dale Schultz, a Republican, have joined together for a bipartisan effort to end gerrymandering, which they say has caused disruption of the political system in Wisconsin. Cullen and Schultz, who both served as majority leaders of the State Senate, are co-chairs of the Fair Election Project, which has helped organize a lawsuit challenging the legality of how Republicans redrew Wisconsin’s election districts in 2010. The lawsuit, Gill v. Whitford, is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nov 23

Martin says redistricting ruling could have major impact on Wisconsin schools

This week’s federal court ruling declaring Wisconsin’s redistricting maps unconstitutional could have an impact on students and classrooms in Wisconsin, WEAC President Ron Martin said Wednesday. “This is a huge ruling for Wisconsin,” said Martin, a social studies teacher from Eau Claire. “Every piece of policy that comes from our legislature impacts our students and classrooms. An end to gerrymandering – a political power play – is a step in the right direction to limit extreme overreaches.”