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Feb 21

State’s AP participation and performance improve

A total of 21,910 graduates from the class of 2017 took 66,660 AP exams while in high school, an increase of 638 graduates and 3,694 exams from the prior year’s graduating class, according to the Department of Public Instruction. Their success rate — the percentage of exams scored three or higher on a five-point scale — was 25.5 percent, up 0.7 percent from 2016.

Feb 22

Advanced Placement participation grew 10% in 10 years

Wisconsin public school growth in the Advanced Placement (AP) program includes a 10 percent increase over 10 years in the percentage of graduates earning a qualifying score that gives them a head start on postsecondary studies.

Nov 15

Evers’ budget plan boosts state funding of public schools

State Superintendent Tony Evers submitted his 2017-19 budget request to the governor and Legislature Tuesday, outlining key fiscal priorities for students and schools in the upcoming years. The plan represents an increase in funding of 2.7 percent in the first year of the biennium and another 5.4 percent in the second. The larger increase in the second year of the budget would bring equity to school funding through an updated version of the previously introduced “Fair Funding for Our Future.”

Oct 05

Evers proposes rules to accelerate summer learning opportunities

State Superintendent Tony Evers on Wednesday proposed administrative rule changes that will expand high-quality summer learning opportunities for kids. Under the proposed rules, academic field trips, musical performances, and agricultural and other scholastic competitions would be eligible activities for summer instruction, just as they are during the regular school year.