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Jun 30

Over half of Wisconsin school districts will receive less state aid next year under current budget proposal

More than half of Wisconsin public school districts will receive less general aid in the 2017-18 school year than they did for the 2016-17 school year, under the current state budget plan, according to estimates released Friday by the Department of Public Instruction.

Jun 28

K-12 education is the top priority of Wisconsin residents, and they are willing to pay more for it, survey finds

K-12 education is the top priority of Wisconsin residents for increases in state spending, according to a new Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday. Of those who pick K-12 education as their top priority, 75 percent are willing to pay more taxes for this while 21 percent are not.

Jun 28

Legislative Update – June 28

While behind-the-scenes negotiations are getting tense among GOP leaders, the governor is confident the budget will be finished in mid-July. Today, he met with leaders of both houses, and now they say talks are back on track. Remember, there’s the governor’s budget, which the Joint Finance Committee is working off of, along with an Assembly Republican proposal, and the Senate is still saying there is the possibility of doing its own budget. Democrats also forwarded their education plan last week, and don’t forget about the Budget for All, which WEAC signed onto earlier this year.

Jun 23

Democrats release K-12 funding plan

With Wisconsin’s budget deadline just days away, Legislative Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee unveiled a funding plan for Wisconsin’s K-12 public schools Thursday in the hopes of breaking the ongoing Republican stalemate. The plan invests $729 million more in K-12 education than Governor Walker’s proposal and lowers property taxes by nearly $25 million.

Jun 21

Legislative Update – June 21

GOP legislative leaders are expected to continue meeting behind closed doors today, after spending much time Tuesday hammering out a budget deal on K-12 education, taxes and transportation. There’s a possibility the Joint Finance Committee meeting will meet Thursday, with K-12 education on the agenda. With competing school funding plans, they’re looking for agreement on per-pupil funding levels and approaches to low revenue limits, among other things.

Jun 16

Don’t restrict school referendums, increase state funding, committee told

School officials and other supporters of public education spoke out Thursday against a package of bills that would severely restrict the ability of local school districts to raise needed funds through referendums. At a hearing on the bills, they blamed cuts in state funding of public education for the financial challenges faced by school districts and the rise in local referendums. “The level of referendums would drop significantly if the state would get behind real education reform,” Baraboo School Board Member Doug Mering told the Assembly’s Education Committee.

Jun 15

Legislative Update – June 15

The Joint Finance Committee unanimously nixed the governor’s plan to move state workers to self-insurance, after halting meetings for over a week, saying it was risky and they can find other ways to insure schools. “I’m happy we were able to do that without sticking it to state employees,” Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, told Madison insiders. Other topics include the debate over K-12 funding, referendum restrictions and private school vouchers.

Jun 12

Legislative Update – June 12

With the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee holding off meetings last week and committing to none in the future, the division between Assembly and Senate Republicans around, among other topics, education is front-and-center. The Assembly is still pushing its own education budget that differs significantly from the governor’s, while leading senators say lawmakers should work off the governor’s proposal and the promise of per-pupil categorical aids of $200 and $204 over two years – or perhaps the Senate Republicans will make their own.

Jun 05

Legislative Update – June 5

While public education advocates were expecting the Joint Finance Committee could take up some measures relating to the K-12 budget soon, things seem to be at an impasse. The delay comes from a stir around school funding caused by the Assembly Republicans again floating the idea of creating their own education budget, which could cut about $90 million from the budget proposal currently on the table. Senators continue to push back hard, saying they will work off the original plan.

Jun 02

Legislative Update – June 2

The Joint Finance Committee is expected to take up K-12 funding in the state budget next week, and there are several hearings set for stand-alone bills that impact students and public schools. Topics include restrictions on school referendums, special education funding, pupil testing and private school vouchers.

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