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Feb 14

Watertown School District recognizes “Discipline with Dignity’ work by WEAC members Pam and Tim Suski

The Watertown School District is recognizing WEAC members Pam and Tim Suski for their work with the “Discipline with Dignity” program that has demonstrated success through compassion and high expectations. “We want to provide positive support and high expectations for both academics and behavior,” the Suskis say. “Through this program we show that we believe in them and expect excellent behavior — because they are capable of it.”

Jan 04

Baraboo educators send strong message: There is no room for hate

WEAC Region 5’s Baraboo Education Association members knew they wanted to send a strong message after a widely criticized photo of students who appeared to make a Nazi salute went viral in November. The BEA Executive Board sprang into action, promoting a “No Room for Hate” T-shirt fundraiser to benefit the Auschwitz Memorial Museum, the first of many groups to condemn the photo.

Dec 19

Advocacy by Eau Claire educators leads to postponement of school board action on proposed benefit changes

At a meeting packed with nearly 100 members of the Eau Claire Association of Educators and supporters, the Eau Claire School Board voted unanimously Monday night not to cap health and dental benefits at the current 2018-19 rates and postponed changes to other post-employment benefits (OPEB) for the time being.

Apr 05

WEAC Election Update: State, local results – and what’s next

Wisconsin is on the national radar after Tuesday’s election, and this WEAC Election Update lays out more about school referendum questions and local races, along with what’s next in a busy election year. Don’t forget to sign up for WEAC Election Updates!

Aug 08

Racine educators win key school board vote on handbook

Racine educators won a key battle Monday night when the school board voted to delay action on changes to the employee handbook until after the administration meets and confers with the elected union leadership of the district’s educators. “Great news from last night!” the Racine Education Association-Racine Educational Assistants Association declared on its Facebook page. “We take our profession seriously and we will collectively stand to make sure we have a voice in how our schools are run.”

Apr 18

Kenosha teachers lead campaign for more prep time

Kenosha teachers and their supporters will be back at the School Board meeting this month, again asking board members to increase prep time so that teachers can fully meet the needs of their students. In March, dozens of teachers and supporters packed the board meeting to shine a light on the issue, with several teachers taking to the podium to explain the importance of prep time in helping teachers provide quality education for all students.

Apr 18

Kenosha educators examine ways to keep classrooms safe and inclusive

The Kenosha Education Association is always looking for ways to provide opportunities to both educators and students that make them feel appreciated for who they are and prepared to take on challenges they face in and outside of the classroom. With a sudden increase of bullying incidents at some of the schools, KEA recognized there was a need to educate its members about how to keep their classrooms a safe and inclusive space for their students. As a result, KEA collaborated with GSAFE Wisconsin, an organization whose mission is to create just schools for LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin, to host an exclusive, members only workshop to help attendees learn how to navigate an oftentimes sensitive topic.