Oct 22

Check out these great WEAC election resources

WEAC has created more election resources than ever before as we approach the critical November 6 election. We have:

  • Created our Elections Resource Page at weac.org/election, a sort of clearinghouse of election information and resources.
  • Made it easy for you to find out who WEAC and NEA are recommending in your area, just by going to weac.org/vote.
  • Created a document at weac.org/clerks with phone numbers of your local clerks so you can call them and find out when early voting hours are in your community.
  • Created a document at weac.org/opportunities that lists many options for how you can get involved in the election.
  • Created Election Watch news alerts that you can receive in your inbox simply by signing up at weac.org/election-watch.

And, every day, we are gathering news articles and organizing them on our Politics and Elections Board at weac.org/election2018, to help you keep up with the latest news and developments.

The Politics and Elections Board is a collection of articles from news outlets such as the Washington Post, Politico, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and many other sources, as well as internal NEA, WEAC and Regional communications. It’s a great way to follow election news from a lot of different voices that you might otherwise miss. We scan the Internet daily and use a platform called Scoop.it to gather and organize these news articles and resources.

You can access this resource by clicking on this Politics and Election Board link or by going to: weac.org/election2018. For your convenience, we also are embedding it below: