Oct 19

‘This is the time to reassert your support for social justice’

NEA Student Program Chair Ashley Muscarella, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

With controversy swirling around white supremacist Richard B. Spencer’s appearance Thursday at the University of Florida, NEA Student Program Chair Ashley Muscarella says this is a good time to reassert your support for social justice, and working through your union is a great way to do it.

“As an aspiring educator, I am a proud member of a generation that is willing to stand up against racial inequality, sexual, gender, and religious discrimination as well as ignorance and intolerance,” she writes. “I know the fight is long, but shying away is not an option for me or my peers. We are the promise of a new and better tomorrow—a future which we must uphold.

“If you are a college student preparing to serve in our public schools or a new or veteran educator, a great way to take a stand and work to build an environment worthy of our kids is to be an active member of your local association. Your union can be a resource to you as a vehicle for social justice advocacy, cultural awareness training, and professional practices that help us become the strongest educators and most-valued community allies.”

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