Aug 04

Legislative Update – August 4

Special Session on Foxconn

The Foxconn special session bill (AU7 AB1) has been introduced, and Assembly Republicans held a hearing Thursday on legislation that could provide massive incentives for a planned Wisconsin plant. The Washington Post reports that the tax deal/incentives could cost the state $230,700 per worker. The Assembly Jobs and Economy Committee is expected to vote on the bill Thursday, August 10, and full Assembly may take up the bill by mid-August. Assembly leaders said the bill may not go to the Joint Finance Committee despite its fiscal price tag. After heavy criticism over the lifting of permitting and wetland restrictions in the bill, and the quick timeline, the governor weighed in saying there were “environmental protections” and that a few weeks for the Legislature to debate the legislation and the hefty price tag is “a pretty good amount of time.” Read more about the Foxconn deal.


Part of the special session bill also offers incentives to a company called Fiserv headquartered in Brookfield, which is looking to leave Wisconsin. The bill essentially allows the firm to continue to receive tax incentives even if it doesn’t grow jobs. In fact, it appears they could cut the workforce and still receive government incentives.

DPI Hearings

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will conduct two public hearings on Aug. 21 related to the Assembly Education Committee’s Review of administrative rules and creation of rules related to whole grade sharing.

Foxconn Update From WisPolitics:

Neylon to delay committee vote on Foxconn bill to consider amendments