Aug 03

ALEC conference continues group’s focus on undermining public schools, Rep. Chris Taylor says

State Representative Chris Taylor

State Representative Chris Taylor, a Democrat from Madison, just got back from another American Legislative Exchange Council conference, and concluded: “The issue of the moment for ALEC is public education — that is, undermining it.”

It’s unusual for a Democrat to attend an ALEC conference, but Taylor has been doing so for years, “to see for myself how this right-wing group crafts model legislation to advance the interests of its corporate and ideological funders,” she writes in a Progressive Magazine column.

“ALEC members are foaming at the mouth for the now-endless opportunities to further privatize public schools, long a central goal,” she writes, noting that the keynote speaker was U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who focused her remarks on expanding school privatization efforts.

Taylor concludes:

“For ALEC, it is all about tearing down our public-school infrastructure so corporate privatization efforts can move in and make a buck.

“What you never hear at ALEC is any discussion about improving public education. There is never a mention of smaller class sizes, community schools, or recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of the best and brightest teachers.”

Read her entire column in The Progressive: