Jul 17

Legislative Update – July 17

Latest in the Legislature
Senate Republicans announced they will release their own budget proposal Tuesday, something Capitol insiders have been speculating about for some time. The state budget is currently two weeks overdue. According to statehouse insider WisPolitics, a spokeswoman for Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said the document was still being drafted by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

On the Issues

Opioid Antidote. Special Session Assembly Bill 1, allowing school personnel to administer a potentially life-saving opioid antidote to a student in an emergency free from liability, was signed into law.

Competitive Bidding. A proposed Department of Transportation “reform” bill, LRB 3884/1, would allow technical colleges and municipalities to use alternative delivery methods in awarding construction projects, such as construction managers or a fixed-price, variable-scope approach to maximize the amount of work on a fixed budget. What does this mean for schools? An Assembly Bill (AB 307) is also moving through the Legislature, mandating schools to use competitive sealed bids for school construction projects. If the Assembly bill continues to move, it’s worth asking why some entities would be allowed flexibility, while the hands of school boards would be tied.

Prevailing Wage. A bill moving through the Legislature to repeal prevailing wage, SB 216/AB 296, was the topic of discussion over the weekend, drawing sharp criticism from Democrats.

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