May 30

Racine students, parents, community benefit from Community Schools model

The Community Schools Model, implemented this year at Knapp Elementary School in Racine, is benefitting students, parents and the community.

“We can’t look at the whole child if we don’t look at their family and the community they live in,” said Jamie Racine, community schools manager for United Way of Racine County, which works with Knapp on the program. “We’re looking at all the components and finding out what do those folks need and how can we leverage our resources in our community to help everyone get where they need to go.”

Racine is quoted in a Racine Journal Times article about the successes of the first year of the Community Schools program at Knapp.

“We got some preliminary data back from the district that shows our students that are involved in after-school programs have a higher attendance, higher grades and lower office discipline referrals,” Racine said. “Eighty-five percent of our students that are engaged in after-school programs actually have zero office referrals.”

Among other things, the Community School model brings services into the school, such as dental screenings for children and assistance with tax returns for adults.

The article quotes State Representative Corey Mason (D-Racine), who is trying to secure state funding to support the Community School model statewide.

“In 11 years of doing work in the Legislature and really trying to advocate for closing the achievement gap, the community-schools model is the best I’ve ever seen,” Mason said. “It really invites the community to take ownership of their school.”

The Community Schools model has been implemented in several Wisconsin school districts, including six schools in Milwaukee Public Schools.

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