May 24

Racine Education Association asks for audit of all standardized testing

REA President Angelina Cruz

The Racine Education Association is asking the school board to conduct an audit of testing in the district, including an inventory of all standardized tests, the purpose of the tests, time spent taking each test, and time spent on test preparation.

According to the Racine Journal Times, REA President Angelina Cruz said she would like to see the board direct the district to not only work with teachers on testing issues, but show that meaningful work is actually being done.

“Beyond the social and emotional damage high-stakes standardized tests have on children, there is also a definite fiscal impact — whether it be the costs of the tests themselves, time lost on teaching and learning, use of technology, etc. — that should be considered as well,” Cruz said.

The Journal Times also quotes REA member Theresa Jakala, a literacy teacher at Gilmore Middle School, as telling the school board: “Students take MAP in fall, winter, and spring, showing higher proficiency on their winter MAP because no other test is going on. By the time spring MAP and the Forward Exam come around students are tested out. The district needs to consider eliminating spring MAP assessments to give students a mental break for the Forward Exam.”

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