May 19

Legislative Update and Action Alerts – May 19

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Ask your senator to protect the WRS

Legislative Update

The Legislature’s budget-writing Joint Finance Committee will continue meeting next week, taking up a number of areas including the University of Wisconsin System. K-12 public education is expected to be taken up the week after. This week, we saw several companion bills introduced to existing proposals, including one to alter the WRS and another that would punish UW students who violate a campus speech policy. 

WRS. AB 324 was introduced, a companion bill to SB 190. The proposal calls for increasing the minimum retirement age under the Wisconsin Retirement System and determining final average earnings for the purpose of calculating Wisconsin Retirement System annuities, for new employees entering the system. The assembly bill was referred to the Assembly Committee on State Affairs. No public hearings on either bill are scheduled. See details and fiscal estimate.

Special Education Funding. SB211 and companion bill AB319 call for state funding of special education at 33 percent. View Senate Bill History and Assembly Bill History, along with fiscal estimate and some additional notes.

School board candidate signatures. SB-260 was introduced regarding the signature requirement for nomination of candidates to school board in school districts that contain territory lying within a second class city (a population of 39,000, but less than 150,000). The bill was sent to committee.

Campus speech. Senate Bill 250 was introduced, a companion bill to AB 299. The bills would require the UW System adopt a policy on freedom of expression and suspend or expel those who violate the policy twice. Republicans say the bill is needed to ensure people can listen to constitutionally protected speech from speakers on campus, no matter how controversial they may be. But others say the bill creates a safe space for racists. See details.

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