Feb 17

Two local association leaders discuss challenges faced by rural schools

Two local association presidents from WEAC Region 6 participated in a television panel this week to discuss the challenges facing rural schools. Marshall Education Association President Michael Jansen and Fennimore Education Association President Jon Buslaff joined Fennimore Superintendent Jamie Nutter on a “For the Record” panel hosted by WISC-TV Channel 3 Editorial Director Neil Heinen in Madison.

“We have a very diverse group of students that we need to meet the needs of every day,” Jansen said.

“Our entire school district is smaller than some graduating classes in Madison and the staff we have has to do a lot more diverse things than some of the more specific things they do in a larger school district,” Buslaff said.

The panel also discussed issues that included scarce resources, funding inequities and transportation challenges and costs. The program is available online and is being aired on Channel 3 this Sunday, February 19, at 10 a.m.