Feb 06

The ‘I Love My Public School’ Week of Action is February 13-17

From the Wisconsin Public Education Network

I-love-my-public-school-WEEK-OF-ACTION-1Show your teachers, community, elected officials and decision makers why you love your public school!


Click here to download a printable pdf of this guide with a selfie-template!

WHO: All Wisconsin parents, educators, & community members who support and appreciate public schools

WHEN: February 13-17, 2017 – with special focus on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14

WHERE: Every school district in Wisconsin

WHAT: A statewide effort to send the message “I love my public school!”

WHY: Because strong public schools are the heart of our communities, and we want to spread the love!

HOW: It’s easy! Just follow these four simple steps:

  1. BE THE LOVE. Hold one or more of the following events (or think of your own!) from February 13-17
    • Valentines: Send Valentine’s to the educators and staff in your school. Don’t forget administrators and your district office! Make a party of it by holding card-making parties with parent groups, student orgs, and other local teams. KEEP IT SIMPLE. The message is: I LOVE MY PUBLIC SCHOOL because….
    • Welcome Walks: Welcome staff and students to school (ideally on the morning of Valentine’s day but whenever works for your team/s) by lining the street/sidewalk with signs telling them why you love your local schools.
    • Special Events: invite speakers or hold a party to honor local difference-makers in your schools
    • Media Message: Write a letter to the editor or op-ed for your local paper sharing why you love your schools
    • Take a selfie with the I LOVE MY PUBLIC SCHOOL BECAUSE…sign on the back of this form. Share on social media.
    • Let local and state-level decision makers know you care!  When decision-makers see us making public schools a priority, they’ll know we want them to make public schools a priority, too. Let your legislators and local leaders know WHY you love your public school. Send your legislators a Valentine (or better yet, deliver one in person!), sharing the reasons why you love your public schools.
    • SPECIAL DELIVERY EVENT! Let decision makers know how much YOUR community loves its public schools! JOIN US ON MONDAY FEBRUARY 13 AT 12:30 pm (after the WPEN meeting) on the Capitol steps (State Street entrance) to deliver Valentines to the Governor and our legislators as a group. RSVP here to join us.
    • Use #ILoveMyPublicSchool *and* #ILove_______PublicSchools [insert your city/district here] SHARE photos, reports, posts and testimonials on all social media platforms. Tag your district/teachers/staff and send the love out.
    Let us know your plan & tag us in your posts to get your actions on the map! Wisconsin Public Education Network will regularly update a love-map at http://www.WisconsinNetwork.org/blog/i-love-my-public-school-week to show where people around the state have been giving love to their public schools.