Feb 02

Green Bay teacher angered over DeVos’ lack of understanding about special education

Nearly a million educators, of all political allegiances, have spoken out against the DeVos nomination by making calls and writing letters to their Senators.

Take_Action_On_DeVosEdVotes.com interviewed some of them, including E-Ben Grisby, a special education teacher in Green Bay, Wisconsin, who is also a Republican.

“It angered me that she could be in charge of a federal education office and not even understand a law that is there to protect some of our most vulnerable students,” Grisby said, referring to DeVos’s inability to answer questions about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) during her Senate confirmation hearing.

“How would she deal with equity and accessibility for students—or are those just non-issues to her?” Grisby wonders.

He encourages all educators, regardless of political affiliation, to question her nomination.

“The issue of who should serve as our next Secretary of Education goes beyond politics, this is about ethics,” said Grisby.

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