Nov 30

‘Public schools are our hope for democracy’


“In Wisconsin, we care about our communities and share responsibility for each other’s future,” says Appleton resident Carol Lenz, a member of Fox Cities Advocates for Public Education. “This is why we value our public schools, where all children are empowered to achieve their dreams. Our nation’s economic prosperity and democracy depend on strong public schools.”

In a letter published by USA Today Network-Wisconsin and the Appleton Post-Crescent, Lenz says her two adopted children from India received strong support and a great education in public schools.

“Public schools empower students to learn in a diverse environment, better preparing them to live in a diverse country and world,” Lenz writes. “Learning with others, regardless of color, class or creed, fosters meaningful relationships that bridges differences, creating sorely needed empathy for our fellow human beings. My faith teaches me that empathy will help heal our brokenness. This is what public schools do.”

However, she noted, the movement toward privatization threatens the future of our public schools.

“Shortchanging our investment in public education by diverting funds to privatization ‘reforms’ turns a public good into a private profit scheme,” she writes. “Privatization of education undermines democratically-elected school boards. It curtails local control and public oversight of public dollars. More importantly, it creates winners and losers. It destroys community schools while promoting segregation, contributing to social disunity and inequality. The result is more division and polarization, quite the opposite of ‘E Pluribus Unum.’ This is the last thing our already fragile democracy needs.”

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