Jun 21

MPS supporters rally against takeover plan, in support of Community Schools

Supporters of Milwaukee Public Schools rallied outside the Milwaukee County Courthouse Monday to fight the takeover of some MPS schools under a new state law.

“It’s wrong and it’s not going to help education and it’s not going to help education in the city,” Schools and Communities United Co-Chair Ingrid Walker-Henry told WDJT TV, Channel 58. “What would help education is if they actually worked on funding or they gave children what they need like libraries, art, music and gym teachers.”

Walker-Henry said protesters want the state law to be repealed.

“I don’t agree with takeover in any shape or form because it’s taking a voice from the community and I think we can fairly say the community is targeted,” she said.

Schools and Communities United, which organized the rally, said that for over 25 years, Milwaukee has been ground zero for school privatization experiments that have failed our children and siphoned over a billion taxpayer dollars into unaccountable operators. At the rally, they said, “Milwaukee stood up to reject the MPS Takeover plan and demand local control of our public schools.”

The rally took place just a few days after the Milwaukee School Board and administration on Friday rejected a controversial proposal that would have resulted in the takeover of some schools, saying the state-mandated plan was vague, the funding plan unclear and elements conflicted with state law. As an alternative, Superintendent Darienne Driver and MPS School Board President Mark Sain proposed creation of a charter school offering an early childhood program.

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