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Nov 21

96 percent of WEAC local recertifications pass

Ninety-six percent of 2017 recertification elections for WEAC locals passed this fall, results released Tuesday by the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission show. The overwhelming support for local unions to be recognized by the state as the bargaining agent in their districts mirrors similar results in these elections since 2011.

Nov 01

New report illustrates how strong unions make stronger communities

A new report, “Strong Unions, Stronger Communities,” details more than a dozen examples from across the country of how working people who belong to strong unions are making their communities stronger and leveling the playing field for everyone. The report was released Wednesday by the NEA, together with its union partners AFT, AFSCME and SEIU. “Through better public services, good jobs and better opportunities for students, labor unions are key to making sure that working people have a chance to get ahead in an economy rigged in favor of the wealthy and powerful,” the report states.

Nov 01

NEA applauds Democrats’ proposals to strengthen labor unions

Senate and House Democrats Wednesday unveiled one of the critical tenets of their economic agenda, “A Better Deal,” that would work to strengthen labor unions, which help to ensure a stronger, more robust economy that works for all Americans — not just those at the top. The Democrats’ Better Deal proposal comes as special interests are looking to roll back worker protections in order to maximize corporate profits.

Sep 28

Unions call Janus case ‘a political effort to further rig the rules against working people’

“The Janus case is a blatantly political and well-funded plot to use the highest court in the land to further rig the economic rules against everyday working people,” four public employee unions, including the NEA, said Thursday in a statement after the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take up the Janus case. “The billionaire CEOs and corporate interests behind this case, and the politicians who do their bidding, have teamed up to deliver yet another attack on working people by striking at the freedom to come together in strong unions.”

Aug 24

Unions are essential to a fair economy and vibrant democracy, report says

Unions not only help people earn decent wages and benefits, they are essential to a fair economy and vibrant democracy, according to a new report by the Economic Policy Institute. “Unions — when strong — have the capacity to tackle some of the biggest problems that plague our economy, from growing economic inequality, wage stagnation, and racial and gender inequities to eroding democracy and barriers to civic participation,” the report says.

Jul 24

The union helps give educators ‘a voice in what matters to students,’ WEAC Vice President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen says

Educators know best what students need in the classroom, and WEAC helps give those educators “a voice in what matters to our students,” WEAC Vice President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen said Monday in an address at the WEAC Summer Leadership Academy. Educators from throughout the state gather annually at the WEAC Summer Leadership Academy for training how to lead the profession and strengthen public education to benefit students. This year’s Academy is at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Feb 16

Beloit teachers confront school board over deteriorating student discipline

Beloit teachers banded together last week and took their collective concerns about student discipline to the school board. According to the Beloit Daily News, hundreds of teachers and staff took turns addressing the board, including teacher Dustin Slusser who said high teacher turnover will become the norm if discipline is not restored in the schools.

Nov 17

96 percent of recertifications pass

Ninety-six percent – 240 of 251 – of 2016 recertification elections for WEAC locals passed this fall, results released Wednesday by the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission show. “In the local associations that chose recertification elections, we saw a tremendous support for the role of the union in supporting educators so they can better help their students,” said WEAC President Ron Martin, a middle school social studies teacher. “This support signals the strong role unions still play in their local school districts to partner with parents and their communities on ensuring the best public schools for students.”

Oct 10

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel series outlines the ‘upheaval’ Act 10 has created for schools

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel launched a series of articles this week examining the impact of Wisconsin Act 10, a five-year-old law that virtually eliminated collective bargaining for educators and most public employees in Wisconsin. The comprehensive series is based on research and interviews with educators throughout the state. The first articles that appeared on Sunday explored what it considered both the pros and cons of the law, but there was considerable sentiment that Act 10 has created a lot of chaos for school districts throughout the state while harming the teaching profession.

Jul 25

Teachers unions improve teacher quality and student outcomes, economist finds

Contrary to the common narrative from anti-union groups, highly unionized school districts fire more underperforming teachers than non-unionized districts and have lower dropout rates, according to new research by economist Eunice Han. “Since unionized districts dismiss more bad teachers while keeping more good teachers, we should expect to observe higher teacher quality in highly unionized districts than less unionized districts – and this is exactly what I found,” she said.

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