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Dec 16

‘We must stop financially under-valuing teachers in this country’

Teachers in this country are financially under-valued, and it needs to stop, says Nínive Calegari, a former classroom teacher who is the founder of The Teacher Salary Project. In a column in the Washingtost Post, Calegari writes: “What does it mean when we live in a society when those who are trusted to take care of our future professionals are a part of our newly minted working poor? … A teacher is the most important part of any school and undermining her financially is not allowing her to do her best work.”

Oct 24

Why are teachers calling it quits?

For some, it’s the pay. For others it’s the over-emphasis on testing and the inability to focus on true learning. But a common thread among those who leave the teaching profession is they feel disrespected and find that teaching has become a burden rather than a joy. In an article titled “What are the main reasons teachers call it quits?” NPR interviews four teachers, including Sergio Gonzalez, who taught in Madison but quit after Governor Walker and the Legislature passed Act 10, a law that left educators feeling alienated. “I knew that if I stuck around I was going to get bitter, and I was not going to be a good teacher,” Gonzalez says. “But I can’t emphasize enough how, ever since I was a kid, my goal was to be a public school teacher. And that opportunity seemed to be taken away from me.”

Sep 15

Evers calls for treating educators with respect ‘and paying them as professionals’

WEAC President Ron Martin praised State Superintendent Tony Evers’ State of Education address Thursday, saying he is “spot-on in his call for unity around our neighborhood public schools to support diversity, community involvement and educator respect.” But, Martin added, “success depends on a combined commitment to our students, and that requires state lawmakers to do their part by funding our schools so students have opportunities and educators can afford to stay in the profession.”

Aug 24

With teacher shortage growing, DPI makes it easier for retired teachers to return to the classroom

The Department of Public Instruction on Tuesday announced a variety of emergency rules changes designed to address a growing teacher shortage in Wisconsin. Among them are allowing educators near or in retirement to apply for a nonrenewable, five-year license without professional development requirements. WEAC President Ron Martin said addressing the teacher shortage requires significant long-term changes, including increasing pay, giving teachers greater voice in their profession and treating all educators with the respect they deserve.

Jun 28

Walker compares teacher pay to that of NFL players

Governor Walker was asked this week whether he would encourage a relative with a teaching degree to seek employment in Wisconsin or Minnesota (where the teaching profession is still valued and rewarded), and his answer was confounding to say the least. Bragging that he dumped seniority, he went on to say teachers should be paid like NFL players.

Jun 27

U.S. teacher pay lags well behind rest of industrialized world

U.S. teachers are significantly underpaid compared to teachers in other industrialized countries, according to a new analysis published by the Brookings Institution. According to author University of California, Santa Barbara, Economics Professor Dick Startz: “If we wanted to raise the relative salaries of American teachers to the level seen in Finland, we’d require a 10 percent raise for primary school teachers, an 18 percent raise in lower secondary, and a 28 percent raise for upper secondary school teachers.”

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