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Jan 04

Tell DPI what you think about major proposed changes to teacher licensing rules

The proposed overhaul represents two areas – licensing and teacher rights. While the licensure provisions represent a mixed bag of ideas crafted with input from a council of education stakeholders including WEAC, provisions in the overhaul aimed at limiting teacher rights create sweeping changes to disciplinary action based on arbitrary and questionable judgments.

Dec 09

Elementary teacher preparation programs showing ‘positive signs of growth’

Elementary teacher preparation programs have shown ‘positive signs of growth’ since 2014, according to a new review of 875 programs, issued by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ).

Jun 15

Utah now allows professionals without education degrees to teach in public schools

Saying the new policy is designed to address teacher shortages, the Utah Board of Education has approved an “alternative pathway” to obtaining a teaching license that will allow schools to hire people with no teaching experience and no degree in education.