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Dec 11

Ask Congress to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)!

On September 30, 2017, funding expired for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This program has been crucial in providing health care coverage for low-income children who are not covered through job-based coverage but also do not qualify for Medicaid. CHIP has been a tremendously successful bipartisan program since its enactment in 1997. To date, CHIP has reduced the number of uninsured children by nearly 68% to a record low and in collaboration with Medicaid helps to cover nearly 40% of all children in the U.S. Congress must act swiftly to reauthorize CHIP so that nearly 9 million children will not lose their health care coverage.

Dec 04

Email your Members of Congress and tell them to VOTE NO on the GOP leadership’s disastrous tax plan!

Over the weekend, the Senate approved along party lines a massive tax giveaway to the wealthiest and corporations paid for by students and working families. In addition to adding $1.5 trillion to the national deficit, the Senate voted to partially repeal the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, which would leave 13 million Americans uninsured and result in drastic spikes in insurance premiums for millions more. The bill also expands an education tax loophole that would further benefit the wealthy and allow them to set aside money for private school expenses—essentially a voucher program for wealthy families. Contact your Members of Congress today and tell them to vote NO on this disastrous tax plan.

Jul 14

Federal Health Care Action Alert!

The revised Senate health care bill converts Medicaid to a system of capped payments to states and pegs future adjustments to the consumer price index instead of medical care costs – which generally rise faster. The result? It is estimated federal Medicaid outlays will decrease 26 percent by 2026. This endangers all students, especially the most vulnerable children, and the public schools that serve them. Contact your senators now!

Jul 14

Why millennials should lead the next labor movement

Millennials can’t stand by and watch as the unions continue to decline and the middle class disappears, Janesville native Kashana Cauley writes in a New York Times article. “People like me, who have mental museums filled with memories of the stability that came with our parents’ union jobs, could be the perfect leaders of the next labor union renaissance,” she writes.

Jun 28

Protect Medicaid for our students!

Our students need your help. Among all the dangerous consequences the new Republican “healthcare” bill will have, one of the most alarming is how it will completely dismantle Medicaid. Republican senators are feeling the pressure from your calls, and have been forced to push the vote from this week until after the July 4th congressional recess. We must keep the pressure on.

Mar 08

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will harm students and families, NEA says

“The ACA expanded coverage to more than 20 million previously uninsured Americans, dramatically reducing the number of uninsured children in this country,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “The Republican leadership plan will reverse those gains, leading millions to potentially lose coverage while making drastic cuts in Medicaid funding, benefits, and eligible beneficiaries, and forcing some states to consider diverting money from education to health care.”