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Apr 26

UW-Eau Claire education student says she is fearful, and we’re not doing enough to stop school violence

In a column published by Education Week, UW-Eau Claire education student Rachel Badura – a member of WEAC Aspiring Educators – opens up about her fears of facing school violence as a future teacher. “As it is right now, I have to grasp that I could be asked to carry a weapon while I’m standing in front of my students,” she writes. “As it is right now, I have to seriously consider the fact that my body might become a shield if it means the difference between a child’s life or death. And I have to think about the fact that we are a nation so divided on this issue that almost nothing is being done to prevent more school shootings.”

Apr 20

WEAC leaders, members participate in Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools

WEAC members and WEAC leaders joined with educators and community members throughout the state Friday to send the message that Enough is Enough when it comes to gun violence in schools. WEAC President Ron Martin and Secretary Treasurer Arlene Braden donned “Enough” T-shirts and then headed to a rally at the State Capitol. WEAC Vice President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen joined the Tomahawk Education Association and community members Friday morning during a school walk-in to support safe public schools. Similar activities were taking place Friday throughout the state and nation.

Mar 28

Students’ 50 Miles More march from Madison culminates with rally in Janesville

An estimated 200 concerned citizens joined students at a rally for common sense gun laws Wednesday in Janesville at the culmination of a 50-mile march by about 40 students. The students marched from Madison to the hometown of U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, demanding that he support gun laws that might help prevent another school shooting like the one that killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida. The 50 Miles More march was an extension of last weekend’s national March For Our Lives rallies.

Mar 28

Federal Commission on School Safety excludes voices of students, educators

The Federal Commission on School Safety met for the first time Wednesday behind closed doors at the White House without students, teachers or parents at the table and away from the public’s scrutiny. The National Education Association, which represents 3 million educators working in America’s public schools and on college campuses, was not invited to attend the meeting. “The commission’s clear purpose is to push an agenda that is focused on a dangerous and misguided plan to put more guns in schools by arming teachers and other school personnel,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “Our students need fewer guns in schools — not more of them — and bringing guns into our schools does absolutely nothing to protect our students and educators from gun violence.”

Mar 23

Assembly passes school safety package and sends it to the governor for his signature

The State Assembly on Thursday passed a package of school safety measures and sent it to Governor Walker for his signature. The measures would establish a new Office of School Safety at the state Department of Justice and give it $100 million to provide one-time grants to school districts for security measures. The bill also requires public and private schools to conduct annual school violence drills and requires reporting of school violence threats by teachers, school administrators, counselors, other school employees, physicians, and other medical and mental health professionals.

Mar 20

WEAC President Martin asks legislators to focus on more school resources, fewer guns

In testimony submitted Tuesday to the Assembly Education Committee, WEAC President Ron Martin said the solution to school violence is not more guns but proper resources to address issues that include student mental health, school safety improvements, staff training and common sense gun laws. “While the package of bills under consideration appropriates funding for more armed guards, more equipment, more reporting requirements, it is imperative the committee recognizes what is missing,” Martin said. “The package of bills under consideration by the committee contains not one of the recommendations for safe schools forwarded by those of us who work in and with them.”

Mar 19

MTI, Madison school district and Dane County leaders ask state to provide the supports needed for safe schools

Leaders of Madison Teachers Inc., the Madison school district and Dane County have asked Governor Walker and the Legislature to listen to students and our communities and address school safety by focusing on how we can support students and schools.

Mar 04

National Day of Action Against School Violence

On April 20, join the National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools. Every community’s response to this problem will be different, but we will all send the same message to our elected leaders: We can no longer tolerate inaction!

Feb 21

NEA: Parents, educators ‘overwhelmingly reject’ idea of arming school staff

In response to comments Wednesday by President Trump, NEA President Lily Eskelsen García said bringing guns into schools “does nothing to protect” our students and educators from gun violence. “Our students need more books, art and music programs, nurses and school counselors; they do not need more guns in their classrooms,” Eskelsen García said after Trump, in a listening session at the White House, proposed to arm teachers and school staff in an attempt to prevent mass shootings.

Jul 25

Legislative Update – July 25

A provision in the Senate Republicans’ budget plan announced last week has public school advocates sounding the alarm on how it would harm districts in areas of the state with low property values. The bottom line is that, under referendum restrictions included in the Senate GOP plan, districts with low property wealth wouldn’t see any state equalized aid increases if they pass a referendum for additional spending.

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