Aug 03

Tuition freeze will cost students more, UWEC Chancellor says


Governor Walker’s idea of continuing to freeze tuition at UW campuses without providing additional state funding “is penny-wise pound-foolish, not only for students, but for the State of Wisconsin and for our economy,” UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt said Tuesday.

In an interview with WQOW-TV, Schmidt said UW System campuses have experienced a shortage in state funding for more than a decade.

“We’ve made cuts and reductions and reorganized to be as efficient as possible, but I think after 12 years, we have wrung out about every last ounce of value we could possibly wring out,” Schmidt said.

He said extending the freeze would mean fewer classes and a longer timeline to graduation day.

“We have done real damage,” Schmidt said. “Class sizes are starting to go up, and class availability is going down.”

In the WQOW report, Schmidt says a 3 percent tuition increase would cost the average student about $250 a year. However, the cost of staying a fifth year because students cannot get the classes they need is estimated at $50,000, a total that comes with the cost of an extra year of tuition, and another year without a paycheck.

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